Daniel Libeskind

An international figure in architecture and urban design, Daniel Libeskind is the founder and the Principal Design Architect for Studio Libeskind. Born in Poland in 1946, he immigrated to the United States as a teenager and studied music and later architecture. Renowned for his ability to evoke cultural memory, Daniel is informed by a deep commitment to music, philosophy and literature.

Studio Libeskind

Studio Libeskind is involved in designing and realising a diverse array of urban, cultural and commercial projects around the globe. The Studio is a collaboration of architects and designers that believe architecture is a practice of optimism and approaches the projects with the attitude that to make great places, one must believe in the future, but also remember the past.

Studio Libeskind’s architecture emerges from the idea that a building should be expressive and reflect contemporary life, with innovation being at the core of their design process. The Studio believes that bold design must be realised with sustainable technology and strongly believes that the art of architecture lies in creating a maximum impact within the constraints of budgets and functionality. By their own words: “We know from experience that great architecture comes from working with great clients; however, architecture is a public art and we hold ourselves accountable not only to the client, but to the communities, and cities in which we build.”

Daniel and his partner Nina Libeskind established Studio Libeskind in Berlin, Germany, in 1989 after winning the competition to build the Jewish Museum Berlin. In 2003, the Studio moved its headquarters to New York City when Daniel Libeskind was selected as the master planner for the World Trade Center redevelopment.

«I see the art of architecture as the art of bringing people together. It’s really about social, cultural communication, how people come together, what they share, and how they see a hope of the future.»

daniel libeskind

Tikva means Hope in Hebrew and is the name and inspiration of the future museum.

A selection of projects by Studio Libeskind

«I am inspired to create an architecture that speaks to people, that communicates in it’s own architectural way through the light, through the materials, through the sense of the genius loci of where it’s located.»

daniel libeskind

Saraiva + Associados

resident architectural studio

The history of the firm is rooted in the history of its founder, Miguel Saraiva, CEO and the architect conceptually responsible for each project. His passion for architectural design was combined with a fearless vision that would lead to the development of a corporate structure capable of positioning itself beyond borders and establishing as an international-scale author studio. With the creative hub anchored in Lisbon and companies spread across 11 countries, S+A stands out for marking various international landscapes. The solid experience and knowledge acquired by S+A over the past 25 years has increased its portfolio, both in public and private works. The use of specialized experts allows the internal production team to maintain focused units in each market sector, creating efficient and sustained programs for each unique project. This know-how and recognized professionalism led the Hagadá Association to choose S+A as resident architecture studio to work with Studio Libeskind.