Yad Sefer Torah, reading pointer (Torah scroll), Synagogue Shaaré-Tikvá, Lisbon

The collection represents the foundation of the future permanent exhibition. It will be the basis for the story the museum will tell and the means by which the long and very rich lived experience of Portugal’s Jewish community will be understood, studied and disseminated.

Commemorative plaque of the centenary of the Synagogue Shaaré-Tikvá, Lisbon

Shofar, wind musical instrument used on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

The museum will gather together and preserve items of every kind as part of the process to document important aspects of Jewish life in Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, over the centuries.
Still under construction, the collection will incorporate private donations and loans alongside pieces from national and international museums and institutions, including artworks by contemporary artists from Portugal and abroad.

Work in progress

The museum uses the finest restoration experts for its donated and loaned items, such as paintings, documents, textiles and metal objects.

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Museological program

The programme consists of a permanent exhibition complemented by temporary exhibition.
The permanent exhibition comprises two components:
• Jewish culture and traditions
• A history section organised chronologically and thematically, split into 5 parts.

Jewish Culture and Traditions

wisdom · life · time
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Roman, Visigothic and Moorish Era

prior to the portuguese nation · till 12th century
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Era of Coexistence

12th to 15th centuries
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Era of Intolerance

16th to 18th centuries
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Diaspora of the Portuguese Jews

16th to 18th centuries
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Contemporary resurgence

19th and 20th centuries
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Some representative pieces of the history of Portuguese Judaism

Roman ring stone, 2nd–3rd century AD,
National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon

Headstone with Latin epitaph, dated October 4, 482 AD (reproduction), Mértola Museum

Bust of a Rabbi by Ferenc Spangler, early 20th century,
José Oulman Carp Collection

Anonymous pamphlet printed in Germany describing the Lisbon Massacre, 1506

Engraving of Gracia Nasi, from the book ‘The Last Days of Shylock’ by Ludwig Lewisohn, illustrated by Arthur Szyk, London/New York, 1931

Bust of Spinoza,
Roberto Bachmann Collection