The Tikvá Museu Judaico Lisboa will have a long-term exhibition and a space for temporary exhibitions.

The exhibition itinerary of the long-term exhibition comprises two components:

  • Jewish culture and traditions.

  • A history section organised chronologically and thematically, split into five parts.

Jewish Culture and Traditions

wisdom · life · time

The first part deals with traditions and Jewish religious identity, following a path that develops around three cycles:

  • Wisdom – highlighting the holy books, namely the Torah and the Talmud, the basis of Jewish spirituality and livid experience, focusing on the teachings, values and ethics;
  • Life – examining the key moments in the life of a Jew from birth to death, including Brit-Milá (circumcision), Bar-Mitzvá (the religious coming-of-age ritual), Hupá (marriage) and death, with their specific rituals;
  • Time – examining the rhythmic order of the Jewish calendar, festivities, rites and symbols. Jewish time is not just the continuous succession of events in an unfolding life. There is a sacred and profane time: Shabbat, the feasts and the cycle of time are key moments in identifying and conveying what will be addressed in this part.

Historical overview

Roman, Visigothic and Moorish Era

prior to the portuguese nation · till the 12th century
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Era of Coexistence

12th to 15th centuries
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Era of Intolerance

15th to 18th centuries
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Diaspora of the Portuguese Jews

16th to 18th centuries
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Contemporary resurgence

19th and 20th centuries
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Some representative pieces of the history of Portuguese Judaism

Roman ring stone, 2nd–3rd century AD,
National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon

Headstone with Latin epitaph, dated October 4, 482 AD (reproduction), Mértola Museum

Bust of a Rabbi by Ferenc Spangler, early 20th century,
José Oulman Carp Collection

Anonymous pamphlet printed in Germany describing the Lisbon Massacre, 1506


Engraving of Gracia Nasi, from the book ‘The Last Days of Shylock’ by Ludwig Lewisohn, illustrated by Arthur Szyk, London/New York, 1931

Bust of Spinoza,
Roberto Bachmann Collection


No Tikvá Museu Judaico Lisboa haverá lugar também a exposições temporárias que possibilitem aprofundar as temáticas da exposição de longa duração, ou outras que possam fazer sentido tendo em conta a temática, arquitetura e zona de implementação do museu.






The Hagadá Association, responsible for installing and managing the Tikvá Museu Judaico Lisboa in Lisbon, has joined the prestigious Paris-based publisher Chandeigne in the Portuguese version of the exhibition “The Portuguese Jewish Diaspora”. Authored by the researcher Livia Parnes, the exhibition evokes a theme that the Tikvá Museu Judaico will also address in detail, with expressive objects of a time when the contribution of those exiled by the Portuguese Inquisition played a decisive role on a global scale, in the field of culture, trade and within Judaism itself.
Besides having travelled through various cultural institutions in France, the exhibition has already been on display from 12 to 29 October 2022 in Lisbon, at the Palácio Galveias Library, and from 10 to 24 May 2023 at the Covilhã Museum. Following the exhibition in Lisbon, several municipalities are already interested in hosting it.

If you are interested in receiving this exhibition, please contact us by e-mail: tikva@mjlisboa.com.